Your data is everywhere

Borneo is a single platform for discovery, security, governance, and privacy compliance across your data lifecycle.


Built for practitioners
by practitioners

Borneo uses modular API architecture to directly integrate with your growing cloud data infrastructure, SaaS APIs and existing workflows.

Integrated with learnings from years of experience building security and privacy systems for the largest high-growth tech companies.

Our big data-first design helps you achieve high accuracy, efficiency and scale.

Built for fast-moving security teams

Minimal overhead

Start with good known defaults. No complex configurations are required.

Instant time to value

Friction free deployment in as less as 10 mins so you start seeing value instantly.

Complements your stack

Integrate directly with your existing SOC workflows and SIEM tools.


Ease of use

No agent to install, no modifications to your infrastructure, or need to write a single line of code.

The modern privacy stack


Say goodbye to legacy 1.0 security stack. Borneo is your privacy stack that can not only prevent data theft but also inappropriate exposure or unauthorized usage of sensitive data. Ensure real-time sensitive data security and privacy observability in one solution.

Key features

  • Built-in SaaS and data infrastructure connectors

    Gives you quick and complete coverage across all your data sources, including your data infrastructure and SaaS applications.

  • ML-powered sensitive data classifiers

    Uncover sensitive data across your PII, PFI, PHI, API tokens, keys, credentials, and international infotypes. The best part? Borneo lets you scan both structured and unstructured data sources.

  • Integrated insights and analytics

    Your Central Control Plane gives you the power to run custom queries for global sensitive data searches. Maintain privacy baselines and detect anomalies, with ease.

  • Sensitive data search across all the sources

    Search instantly across your entire data footprint. With built-in support for historic data scans and capabilities to perform advanced correlation, you're in safe hands.

  • Automatic remediations

    Reduce risk surface area by getting timed triggers for automatic anonymization of sensitive data. Stay in the know by setting up self-service workflows with customizable notifications.

  • SIEM & Alerts integrations

    Pipe incident alerts for quick remediation. We provide integration support for your tools stack so you can get notified wherever you are.

Easy to deploy, use, and trust. Data never leaves your environment.

Easy, fast, and flexible deployment


Get started in 10 mins for SaaS or less then 60 mins for PSaaS deployment. Extensive data connectors. See value in 30 mins.

Remain in full control of your data


Choose from two deployment options: Borneo Cloud or Enterprise. Your data never leaves your environment.

Scales efficiently, extend existing investments


Cloud-native architecture powered by an API backend designed for petabyte-scale. Integrate with your existing internal tools and processes.

Security assessments and verification


Isolated instance, comprehensive audit logging and monitoring, SSO, auto-updates, vendor security assessments and reviews.

Data-first business models need data-first security and privacy guardrails. The Borneo platform is so much more than a traditional DLP or data discovery solution. Borneo gives you sensitive data correlation and risk remediation at petabyte scale.


Eamon Jubbaway, Co-founder and COO, Onfido
Advisor, Borneo

Choose real-time data protection. Choose Borneo.

Manage risk, increase trust, and accelerate innovation across your entire data ecosystem.